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The Official Page of Justin Bienvenue

The Plasmatic Writer

Author . Poet . Horrorpreneur  


The Wax Factory Series

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  2022 Cover Contest

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Poetry Books

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Magazines & Anthologies I'm a part of:

“The Dead Before Christmas” in A Very Zombie Christmas

“The Hunger of Love” in Seven Deadly Sins: Romance Horror Anthology From The Fringe

“Scarlet’s Wall” and Intro poem in Seven Heavenly Virtues - Fantasy Noir Anthology From The Fringe

“Ripper” and “The Involuntary Manslaughterer” in My Other Friends & Collected Scary Stories by David Kummer

“Horrorglyphics” in Detectives of the Fantastic: Volume IV

“The Warhammer” and “Gladius Noctuae (The Sword of Bats)” in The Devil’s Armory II

“The Blood Creek Gold Rush” in Riding the Dark Frontier: Tales of the Weird West

“Clouds of Black”, “A Battle Against Humanity”, “A Pineapple Paradise” and “In The Eyes of War” in The Devil’s Piano

“The Engineer’s Watch” in Steam-Powered Dream Engines

“Blood Pyramids” in Hyper-tomb: Crypt of the Cyber-mummy

“The Symbiot Apparatus” and “The Mechanically Distinguished” in Sweat, Steel and Cruise Control II

“The Rise of R’lyeh” in Swords Against Cthulhu III

“The Devil’s Orgy” in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine

“Dreaming? I’m Dreaming...”, “In Our Nature” and “The Hollywood Sign” in Issue 1 of World’s Magazine

“Up Against”, “Europe” and “Spitfire America” in Silver Lining: Poets Against Violence

“Love Me Two Times” in Time Port 1985