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Escape Rooms: Could You Escape A Real One?

Posted on October 5, 2019 at 11:30 PM

Escape Rooms. They’ve become quite popular lately and chances are you’ve been to one or at least heard of them. They are theme attractions set up in a space that allow you to adventure on your own or with a group. The objective is to try and escape from the room using clues throughout the theme room. I myself have not been to one but I certainly want to as they seem like a lot of fun. These escape rooms are just for fun which goes to ask, how would you feel if you were really stuck in a room for real and the only way to escape was to find clues in the room? I wonder if anyone ever truly thinks about being in such a situation other than when they attend escape rooms, like do you ever just think what if I were trapped in a room and had to fight to get out? Well we are going to explore this notion because I believe it to be an underrated thought because we don’t know what we got till it’s gone.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are straight out of movies or television but yet that very thought doesn’t come to our minds just the fact that something crazy is happening. There happens to be a movie called Escape Room where a group of people have to work together to survive but only one can survive. There’s also many movies that have the whole escaping and survival premise but what if this happened in real life what would you do?

The thought should scare you because right now you think you have it good and I’m not trying to scare you by any means but you never know if the next day you may find yourself trapped in a room. Trapped in a room and you need to find a way to escape, yes it seems like a crazy thought but anything is possible, right? With that being said you should remember that if this were to happen you probably wouldn’t know what to do until you were in such a situation.

If you have seen one of the many escape room or survival movies then you already know what not to do. By no means should you overreact, try to take out others in the room, threaten whoever’s holding you there, don’t go there and don’t be that person. The first thing to know is that if you found yourself into a strange situation then believe that you can find yourself out of one too. Now you may be thinking just why am I wasting time talking to you about something that may never happen? Well, lets just say that if by some crazy chance it does you’ll think of me and remember this article. If you’re adventurous and have been in a escape room or have seen any of the countless movies then you also have a general idea of how to get out of one. Could I escape one? Of course I’d like to think yes, I could but I’m likely just like you and until I’m in such a situation I’m merely all talk.

In my novel, The Wax Factory, a group of people are given a tour of an old factory. The deeper into the factory they go the more they realize that their lives are not only in danger but they need to try and escape the place. No I’m not spoiling anything that’s the general plot of the book but also the reason I bring up this topic. Sure its fiction but again it’s a group of people who think they are touring a building only to find out over time that they can’t leave just yet and are being held against their will. This is what I’m talking about, this is the escape scenario I’m referring to. Have Dmitri and his friends been to escape rooms? I don’t know I didn’t think to write that about them so I guess the answer to that is no. Don’t be like my characters, if you can go to an escape room I suggest you do it because you never know when your skills for being in one maybe come in handy. Perhaps like Dmitri, you’ll find yourself in an old factory and have to escape. Do you think you could escape a real escape room or place that you’re being held captive? For your sake I hope so, for your sake I truly hope so.

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