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The Haunted History of Demonic Possession

Posted on January 24, 2020 at 6:50 PM

When we think of possession we naturally tend to think of the horror movie The Exorcist. A movie about a young girl who becomes possessed by a demonic spirit and the church is brought in to perform an exorcism on her to get rid of the malevolent being. This while dramatically fictitious is an example of demonic possession. Demonic possession is defined as the belief that a person's actions are controlled by an alien spirit, demon, or entity. It also happens to be a controversial topic in the sense that some people believe it can happen while others believe it can't create a controversial topic that divides people on their thoughts on it. So why do I want to talk about possession? Well for one, horror is one of my specialties and possession is a bit horror topic, two I'm trying to write more posts on the paranormal and three, I think it's a decent topic to discuss and talk about.

The first thing to know about demonic possession is that it is connected to religion in the sense that each religion has its own theories, thoughts, and ways to address it. I won't be getting into the details of each religion's ways of dealing with possession but rather I'll talk about the dark sides and effects of it that they all share. Many believe possession to be a disorder and possibly a psychological disorder with several other traits to go with it. While possession could easily be diagnosed under many disorders and symptoms one must look past a medical diagnosis and try to believe that it is a supernatural happening and force. Possession is not a common occurrence which is why it should not quickly be attributed to a normal disorder or illness. Possession is a demon, an actual being from another world, possibly hell or someone who was bad in life that has become a demonic spirit. After characterizing what possession is the next step is identifying what it wants and why it's attached itself to a particular person.

In most cases, a demon who possesses a person's body wants one thing, to control them. They want to live in this world and use the person's body and essence as a way to live amongst the living and cause harm to the person as well. Now while I have never seen or heard of a real case of possession I imagine it's truly horrific and probably quite painful to the person being possessed. While fiction does do a good job of showing how possession maybe it dramatically shows the things we all expect possession to be and usually cuts out the small symptoms and things that make the ordeal truly worse. In movies and shows all we usually see is a demon talking in a voice nowhere close to the actual person's voice, the person talking inappropriately, vomiting, inflicting harm to the person's body and writing strange symbols on walls. Is this what real demonic possession is? I'm sure parts of this are true to what really happens but I can't help but feel like Hollywood dramatizes these particular effects because they know they will shock people.

Possession is a serious supernatural condition and while I have stated above that it's controversial its also the reason Hollywood and horror make it a perfect cause and effect as a tool and vice. What's scarier than a person being taken over by a demon and acting totally different, threatening people and doing strange and abnormal things? Exactly, not much. A demon itself is scary enough but when a demon tries to or successfully takes over a human body and still does demonic things? That's bound to scare the daylights out of people and put the scare and fear factor at a 10 out of 10. Should we enjoy seeing possession in fiction? Sure, as long as we remember that it's just that, fiction. Seeing it for real is probably fifty times worse and something no person wants to see or experience for themselves. Possession is many things but one thing it isn't is a horror tool used to scare people. It is a vicious and dark part of life that in rare cases does happen and sometimes we forget that.

Categories: paranormal, Horror

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