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Thankful for Tradition(A Thanksgiving Story)

Posted on November 27, 2019 at 5:40 PM

Thanksgiving has come once again and no one appreciates it more than the Morton family…well, the adult Morton’s that is. Every year Dave and Sherrie Morton hold a big thanksgiving dinner for their entire family and every year their two kids, Eric and Samantha could care less. It’s not that they don’t like Thanksgiving it’s just they don’t get why everyone gets together to stuff themselves silly with food they only eat once a year and to reminisce about the good ole days.

Their mom and aunt have once again gone all out with the food. Food that looks weird and they can’t ever imagine liking. They, of course, like the turkey, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes and maybe one veggie but that’s about it. They leave the cranberry sauce, stuffing, any green vegetable, carrots, and whatever else to the adults.

“Kids, get down hear thanksgiving dinner is ready!”, they hear their mom from downstairs.

“Ugh, here we go. The annual feasting on gross food once a year.”, Eric says.

“Yeah, I know. Blah!”, Samantha replies.

“Let me just get something from my closet”, Eric says as he goes and opens his closet door.

As the door opens Eric is shocked to see an orange vortex before him. Before he can do anything the vortex sucks him in. His sister hears him yell for her as she watches the vortex suck him into the unknown. Not wanting to lose her brother Samantha jumps into the vortex as well. Both kids get up from the ground and notice a giant table filled with people sitting at it along with food.

“Hello, young ones! Welcome to our lovely thanksgiving!”, a man dressed as a pilgrim says.

“Uh…thanks. Where are we?”, Eric asks confused.

“Why, you're in Thanksgivingland!”

“I’m sorry…did you just say Thanksgivingland?”

“Yes! We celebrate Thanksgiving everyday or once every month..whichever we are in the mood for.”

“Oh dear god no!”, Samantha yells upon hearing this.

“Thanksgiving everyday?”

“Why yes, why be thankful once a year when you should be thankful every day!”, the man says.

“We are thankful every day but celebrating it every day seems a bit excessive.”

“Nonsense, celebrate! Eat! Live!”

“Uh yeah well I don’t know how we got here but we need to go home.”, Eric says.

“Ah, first you must feast then you may go home. Please, join us!”, the man says.

“This is all really weird, one minute I’m in my room then I’m in a field about to eat thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of strangers.”, Eric says.

“Why not big brother? I’m sure they’re food is better than what mom always serves.”, Samantha says to her brother.

“We could be dreaming or whatever but you’re right, let’s eat!”, Eric says.

“Wonderful. Come! Come and enjoy our feast.”

Eric and Samantha are lead to the table by the man. As he leads them to the giant table they can’t get over how enormous it is. There must be at least sixty people sitting at it. As they are seated they look at the food but don’t see the turkey or any food they like.

“Where’s the turkey?”, Eric asks.

“Turkey? We don’t eat turkey on thanksgiving we have a giant meatloaf!”

“Meatloaf? Seriously? That seems so wrong..”, Eric says.

“How about mashed potatoes and corn?”, Samantha asks.

“Mashed..potatoes? Heavens no! We have cauliflower and berries!”

“Eww gross! White broccoli!”

“What about dinner rolls?”

“Dinner? Rolls?”, the man asks.

“Yeah, you know, bread?”, Eric asks.

“We have strips of fig with the richest jams spread on them.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me..”,Eric says.

“Do you have stuffing? Green beans? Carrots?”, Samantha asks.

“We have radishes, beat stew, yucca root, rolled up grains and minerals in a leaf, fresh dry tomato croissants, jermsickle bread with honeysuckle and rosemary.”

“Do you have pumpkin or apple pie for dessert?”

“No, we have figgy pudding and grape and orange pie”, the man says.

“All those things sound disgusting! Figgy pudding is that Christmas Carol stuff! And what on earth are tomato dry croissants and jermsmicke bread? Grape and orange pie?”

“Why the feast traditions of course along with all this food including the main course of meatloaf!”

“Meatloaf for thanksgiving? 24/7? Sam, let’s get out of here I think I’m gonna be sick”, Eric says as he and Samantha leave the table.

“Where are you going? Won’t you feast with us?”, the man asks.

“Uh, yeah sorry we just remembered we need to have Thanksgiving with our family and have real food that actually tastes good.”, Samantha says.

The man simply smiles and bows at them. Eric and Samantha look weirded out and the man puts his hand out and makes a strange motion as the orange vortex opens up behind them. Eric and Samantha look at one another and then jump back into the vortex. As they come out the other side they are thrown out of Eric’s closet and onto the floor.

“That was weird!”, Eric says.

“Tell me about it!”, Samantha says.

“Kids, get down here thanksgiving dinner is ready!”, their mom says from downstairs.

The kids shrug at one another and head downstairs for thanksgiving dinner. As they get to the table they see all the usual foods they love but mostly hate. The turkey, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, carrots, green veggies, stuffing, the works. They smile at one another and get a plate and then begin getting the food they want.

“Don’t you kids complain now like you do every year. We know you don’t like veggies but at least eat something.”, their mother says.

Both Eric and Samantha shock both their parents as they put some cranberry sauce, a good helping of veggies and even stuffing on their plate along with their turkey, mash potatoes, corn, and dinner rolls.

“Since when do you kids eat all that stuff? Thought you didn’t like them?”, their father asks.

“Well dad, let’s just say I’m thankful for tradition”, Eric says.

Their parents just smile happy to see their kids finally eating stuff they normally don’t like. As everyone begins eating their aunt sets the desserts down on another table.

“If you have room later I made grape and orange pie!”

Eric and Samantha just look at once another and begin laughing.

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”, Eric says out loud.

Everyone says the same thing and they begin eating.

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